Who Signed The Buganda Agreement On Behalf Of Buganda Kingdom

The Kingdom of Buganda borders the Nile to the east, lake Victoria to the south, the Kafu River to the north and Lake Kyoga to the north. The language of Luganda is the mother tongue of the Kingdom of Buganda, although English is the official language, but the language of Luganda is widespread in the central region of Uganda. “buganda agreement,” the Buganda agreements from 1894 to 1955 and all other agreements concluded on Her Majesty`s behalf with Kabaka, the chiefs and people of Buganda or the Kabaka government, but which do not contain buganda laws or permanent injunctions adopted under this Constitution; (On behalf of Kabaka, the leader and the People of Uganda) Witness to the above signatures: F.J. JACKSON, Her Majesty`s Vice-Consul. J. EVATT, Lieutenant-Colonel. JAMES FRANCIS CUNNINGHAM ALFRED R.TUCKER, Bishop of Uganda. HENRY HANLON, Apostolic Vicar of the Upper Nile, E BRESSON (for Bishop Streicher, White Fathers). R. H.

WALKER. MATAYO, Mujasi. LATUSA, Sekibobo. MATAYO, Kaima. YOKANA, Kitunzi. SANTI SEMINDI, Kasuju. ANDEREA, Kimbugwe SEREME, Mujasi, COPRIEN LUWEKULA. NOVA, Jumba, Gabunga. FERINDI, Kyabalongo SAULO, Lumana. YOKANO BUNJO, Katikiro, from Namasole.

YOSEFU, Katambalwa. ZAKAYO, Kivate, HEZIKIYA, Namutwe. ALI, Mwenda, NSELWANO, Muwemba. SEBUTA SEMIONI, Mutengesa. NJOVU YUSUFU Kitambala, its brand X. KATA, Nsege. AND CONSIDERING that the aforementioned agreement forced Kabaka Mwanga, on behalf of himself and his successors, to conclude a treaty in the sense or in a sense analogous to that of the aforementioned agreement, if Her Majesty`s Government was prepared to accept the above conditions: it was of course the calm that prevailed in Uganda and the spirit of reconciliation and common sense. which has shown that he has done so many things that it is easier to reach an agreement.

By establishing Uganda`s northern border as the Kafu River, the Colvile Agreement of 1894 formalized that Uganda would obtain certain areas in exchange for their support against Bunyoro. [1] Two of the “lost counties” (Buyaga and Bugangaizi) were returned to Bunyoro after the referendum on lost counties in Uganda in 1964. [7] The kingdom of Buganda has been known since the 14th century under the reign of King Kato Kintu, considered the founder of the Buganda dynasty, long in Uganda`s history. The kingdom of Buganda is growing very rapidly and is apparently known as the largest and most powerful empire in all of East Africa. In the 12th century, the present kingdom of Buganda was populated. After the adoption of the new agreement, Mutesa returned to Buganda[3] and the main agreement was duly signed on 18 October. [1] [3] At the end of the contract, the signatures of Kabaka, the governor and other witnesses appear. [1] I hope that this agreement will lead to a better understanding, as it is aimed at the general well-being of all parties involved.