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Holen Sie sich die gesellige Jass-Atmosphäre mit der beliebtesten Jass-App von Jass.ch direkt auf Ihr iPhone und klopfen Sie im aufgefrischten Design einen Differenzler, Schieber oder Coiffeur. Sie können sowohl mit den deutschen als auch den französischen Karten jassen und dank der Spielstatistik können Sie jederzeit mitverfolgen, wie viele Jass-Partien Sie als Sieger beenden. Von der Jass-App gibt es sowohl eine Version fürs iPhone als auch fürs iPad.Die zentralen Funktionen der App sind:- Differenzler mit verdeckter Ansage auf 4 oder 8 Runden- Schieber auf 1000 oder 2500 Punkte mit oder ohne Multiplikatoren- Coiffeur mit oder ohne Slalom und Guschti- Deutsches und französisches Kartenset- Hoch- und QueransichtIn der Jass-App spielen Sie jeweils alleine gegen drei Computer-Gegner. Wenn Sie den Differenzler, Schieber oder Coiffeur auch in der Mehrspielerversion jassen wollen, dann besuchen Sie www.jass.ch.Swisslos wünscht Ihnen guet Jass und viel Spass! Für Fragen und Anregungen kontaktieren Sie bitte info@swisslos.ch. My plan is to provide a Framework for (m)any possible card games played in rounds by four players. And also I want to provide an implementation of a game called Coiffeur with AI and original Rulesets. I am inspired by the swiss card game called Jass. The game feels like a mix of the most popular games of its era. The set designs are reminiscent of Lemmings, and it is fast paced like Sonic the Hedgehog.

It is a side-scrolling shooter like Earthworm Jim, but without the digging mechanic, and it even has turtles to destroy like the Mario games of its era. It is a side-scrolling platform game where you are a rabbit that has to blast his way through a series of increasingly difficult enemies. His siblings also play a role at later stages in the game, a little like the Sonic and Tails games on the Sega. If you collect points by killing enemies or destroying items, then you earn a “Sugar Rush,” which makes you temporarily invincible. If you used to play platform games on your game’s console in the 90s, then Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has all the charm and camp music you will ever need. Even today, it still beats many side-scrolling Indie games (including Shovel Knight!). The gameplay can get repetitive after a while, so you will have to challenge yourself to either gain as many points as possible, or challenge yourself to complete the levels as quickly as possible. If you are a fan of side-scrolling platformers, you will have fun with this game.

I can finally play jass in Houston, was missing it so much. Perfect apps, no error so far, beautiful design, and most important a computer who plays very well as well. Fantastic job. A tiny improvement could be a French version (it has the option to use the french cards) but I am not used to the announces in German and since the screen is small it takes me a little longer to grasp what the other announces are. Otherwise, just perfect! Vielen Dank!!! Then, hold your device in your right hand and follow the dancers on screen! Enter the room number located at the top of this page. i like this game . i want to download this game and i like this game very much past i am playing jazz and jackrabbit 1 it is very interesting so i want to download this game 2 so help me to download this game fasterMore A chibre card game simulator.